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An overview

Everything DiSC personality test: understand yourself and others and stretch to become a better team or manager

Discover the DiSC personality test at work that is simple but not simplistic. Did you know there is an entire application suite? Each distinct Everything DiSC application is designed to help learners understand themselves and others better. 

This makes relations easier to manage, differences easier to bridge and business success easier to achieve. It fosters a culture of collaboration, where people connect and experience the benefits of a positive mindset, helping you build more effective working relationships by understanding different behavioural styles.

Everything DiSC test and applications simply explained

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Discover what Everything DiSC is and what it can do for you

Discover where Everything DiSC comes from, what underlying theory helped building the tests, and tools. Listen to an interview of an important actor in DiSC.

disc personality test at work

Everything DiSC personality test application suite

All DiSC personality tests, learning programs, find out how others perceive you and adopt the language of DiSC. Discover the wealth of DiSC learning material.

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How to use Everything DiSC
in 5 simple steps

Discover the logical sequence of action when using Everything DiSC instruments. find out how easy it is to build success using DiSC.

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Find free DiSC resources at myeverythingdisc.com

Access the interactive learning portal from any device and connect classroom learning reality.

With Five Behaviors and Everything DiSC teams build an
effective work culture through communication and collaboration

Do you sometimes think your team can do better? Five Behaviors is powered by the DiSC personality test bundled with a team performance test and a unique learning experience that helps your team discover what it takes to achieve the ultimate competitive advantage of teamwork.

The assessment-based programme focuses on putting The Five Behaviors™ model into practice. There are two versions of the programme, either powered by Everything DiSC® or All Types™ (mbti), helping your team better understand how individual personalities contribute to team development.

Five Behaviors is based on Everything DiSC or All Types (mbti copatible), and can be used for personal development, by helping individuals better understand themselves and their team through the Five Behaviors principles, or it can be used for team development helping team members better understand themselves, the personalities on the team and how they can effectively work together.

Five Behaviors simply explained

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Discover what Five Behaviors is and and what it can mean for you

Discover what the Five Behaviors team performance test, profile report and tools do : the fundamental 5 Behaviors.

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Use Five Behaviors
in 5 simple steps

1-Take a Five Behaviors test. 2-Receive your team report. 3-Apply & practice. 4-Learn at myeverythingdisc.com

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Find out more about Research on Five Behaviors, reliability & validity

Discover what research tells us about reliability and validity of the Five Behaviors assessment. See your benefits.