Master Everything DiSC
in 5 steps

Step 1: Figure out which DiSC personality test you need

Any step beyond step 1 assumes that you have:

  1. Already chosen to work with disc partners
  2. Gone through the process of product selection and,
  3. Purchased your access code. That's when you to really start entering the world of DiSC. 

At disc partners, we are an authorized Wiley partner. We help you purchase DiSC assessments, enabling them with the minimum level of effort. With your profile management platform, facilitation and follow-up tools, you start your inspiring DiSC experience.

What if you don't have your access code(s) yet? That probably means you're not fully ready... Here's what you can do

Step 2: DiSC personality test

Respond to the online questionnaire about preferred behavior

  1. You have received a DiSC personality test access code in your email inbox. Click on the link provided in this email and proceed to next step (do not discard the email, which you might need later on).
  2. You answer a simple questionnaire, about your behavior.

Get a closer understanding about the difference between a test and an assessment, in the FAQ section (top menu) consult: test & assessment, what is the difference?  Hint: there are no right or wrong answers.

Step 3: Learn from your DiSC profile report

Discover DiSC personality test and profile report. The online assessment platform produces a DiSC profile report. It describes your unique behavioural style, tendencies, needs, preferred environment and strategies for effective behaviour. They help you learn more about your strengths and challenges, which remain simple to understand.

Each DiSC profile report also includes information about all other DiSC styles, so you can observe people around you and compare. Remember there is no right or wrong in DiSC. 

Facilitators often use DiSC group reports or other available reports to provide more insight and a greater understanding of your team, group, clients or colleagues.


Step 4: Practical activities to implement DiSC profile recommendations

If you stop at this point, you potentially miss 90% of the value the DiSC profile report would add to your knowledge and skils. The impacting part of your DiSC experience starts in step 3 and the implementation activities that you associate with the recommendations from the report in step 4. Two options exist, implement as an individual or as a group:


DiSC profile report interpretation for individuals

This option suits personal development and coaching. It is a frequent choice for leaders or for management. Alternatively, the team workshop is a logical choice to develop a team.

DiSC profile report interpretation: groups and teams

Proceed in a workshop, group coaching, or online session.
This will enable team interactions, cohesion and efficiency. Experience immediate and visible results following your DiSC training.

Step 5: Strengthen learning using the platform

Dig deeper into practically understanding DiSC, how the theory relates to your daily relationship management. Work  on improving relationships using Comparison Reports, with powerful, personalized tools and resources.

With MyEverythingDiSC, learners access their DiSC profile anytime, with any device. Compare your DiSC style with any of your colleagues and explore similarities or differences. By doing that, you learn more about how your DiSC style impacts workplace relationships and productivity. This deepens your skills, by understanding and applying the theory behind Everything DiSC personality test. Sales Professionals can create Customer Interaction Maps for improving sales relationships with their prospect and customers (Everything DiSC Sales). Finally all learners build better working relationships using the effective communication tips.