The Work of Leaders book

The Work of Leaders book explains the concept of how Vision, Alignment, and Execution will change the way you lead. It distills leadership best practices into a simple, compelling process that helps leaders at all levels get immediate results.

The Work of Leaders: How Vision, Alignment, and Execution Will Change the Way You Lead distills leadership best practices into a simple, compelling process that helps leaders at all levels get immediate results.

In the view of the authors, leaders have three fundamental responsibilities: They craft a vision, they build alignment, and they champion execution.

Crafting a Vision: imagining an improved future state becoming reality through the group's work
Building Alignment: so everyone in the group understands and is committed to the vision
Championing Execution: implementing the conditions for the envisioned future to become reality

The true value of this VAE model is that it lays out a manageable, realistic framework to guide the process. The goal is to provide straightforward explanations of where you might choose to target your personal development efforts.

Core chapters introduce keys and behaviors that leaders use to further each step of the model and provide specific strategies for those who are looking to increase their ability to explore during the vision process. It also makes these ideas concrete by relating illustrative examples or anecdotes about people and organizations who have used these drivers to improve their effectiveness to realize each step in meaningful ways.

Consultants and trainers using the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders profiles will be familiar with the model. We suggest you consider giving your clients or training participants a copy of the book to keep them engaged in the VAE concepts.

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Everything DiSC

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Improve leadership skills

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Advantages of Everything DISC

Improve self-awareness.

Constructive change begins with self-knowledge. With a DiSC profile you know better how you react to disagreements, what motivates or stresses you, and how you solve challenges.

Improve team spirit.

In the modern working world, it is within teams that things get done. With a DiSC profile you learn how to better communicate and understand each other in a team

Positivize disputes.

With DiSC profiles, the dispute can be transformed into a positive and productive exercise that helps business move forward with momentum.

Develop stronger sales skills.

With a DiSC profile you improve your sales effectiveness. Understanding and adapting to your customers’ styles is essential to making connections work on a human level.

Manage more effectively.

A leader naturally becomes more effective when he or she understands the preferred work styles and dispositions of team members.

Facilitate, train or accompany without judging.

No one likes to be judged. DiSC profiles level the playing field by giving stakeholders and participants the non-judgmental information they need to learn more effectively.

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